A Review of “PROOF OF HEAVEN: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into the After Life” by Dr Eben Alexander

If you have ever wondered if life after death is a myth or for real then you may find ‘Proof of Heaven; A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the afterlife’ an interesting read.Written by Dr Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon with vast experience spanning several years, having trained at the prestigious Duke University, taught and practiced at Harvard. One would naturally expect Dr Eben to be capable of rendering insights on the workings and capabilities of the Human brain.Until 2008, Dr Eben Alexander has often dismissed near death experiences (NDE’s) as figments of human imagination and a product of the complexities of the human brain. All of this changed however when, on in the said year, Dr Eben woke up to a severe headache and his wife had to take him to the hospital where doctors discovered that he had been infected by a rear bacterial disease, E Coli meningitis. The bacteria was eating up his brain, leading him into a coma where he would experience events that will change his perspective on NDE’s and spirituality for the rest of his life.As quoted…”In my past view, Spiritual wasn’t a word I would have employed during a scientific conversation, but now, I believe it’s a word that we cannot afford to leave out… “What makes his journey into the world beyond spectacular, I find, is the fact that the doctors had hitherto declared that his cortex had shut down. The Cortex of the human brain by the way; is the part of the brain that controls human thoughts. Hence there is no way his experiences could have been a figment of his imagination, even though some of his critics don’t entirely agree with that.Seven days on Life support went by and Dr Eben’s family, having prayed and hoped for what seemed like eternity, were contemplating letting him go when he opens his eyes. He recovers at a pace that can best be described as ‘miraculous’, considering the fact that there was a very high probability that he would die, and if he did survive, according to specialists, chances are that he would be a ‘vegetable’ for the rest of his life. All of which, of course, didn’t happen.I must warn however, that if you are a core NDE skeptic you may need more than this book for your “scientific tangible proofs” of an afterlife, even though the author makes frantic efforts to scientifically proof the authenticity of his experience.Having read a handful of accounts on NDE’s myself, what I like about Dr Eben’s book is his “non religious” approach which is a rear thing whenever the topic of near death experiences is being discussed.As I go through the book, I am reminded that the basis of our existence is founded in love, that I am loved beyond measure and need not entertain any fear.As quoted…”None of us is ever unloved: each and every one of us is deeply known and cared for by a Creator who cherishes us beyond any ability we have to comprehend.”Apart from the scientific explanations that were a little bit out of my zone and his emphasis on what happened at the hospital with his family more than what was experienced in the realm beyond. Dr Eben Alexander’s book will keep your thoughts running till the last line. I found it a great read, you should get a copy for yourself.

Setting Up Book Signings on Your Own

Getting a book signing can be a great way to increase your notoriety as well as to develop some extra marketing for your books. However, when you decide to self publish, you must act as your own marketing agent. Even if you decide to go with a traditional publishing house, you will still need to make sure that you handle most of the advertising yourself since the publishing houses do not offer much for the majority of their authors.Setting up a book signing can be time-consuming, but it isn’t that difficult. You’ll need to make sure that you research your options, and then you’ll have to go about convincing a venue to give you the chance. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a best-selling novelist to accomplish this.Research Possible Venues
While a bookstore provides a fantastic place for a book signing and can lead to increase sales for both your books and other authors, you can also have a book signing at a convention, library, event day, conference, or anywhere else that people who might be interested in your book frequent. Some authors even have book signings in grocery stores. The key is to look at your book and see where you are likely to run into people who want to buy it.When researching the possible venues, start with places that you have connections to. For instance, look at your own hometown and see who might be interested in allowing you to have a book signing. The local author hits it big is always a popular theme, and your local library as well as a number of other associations and organizations might be more than happy to help you out in this regard.Try to Talk in Person
When you decide on the possible venues that might be interested in your book, try to talk to the owners in person. While phone calls and emails are good, an in person conversation will generally reveal more. Set up an appointment if you don’t know the person well. Regardless, make sure to make the meeting as quick and as convenient as possible. You don’t need to prepare a long sales pitch. You will just want to explain what you want to accomplish and how you will help the venue do that. If you can demonstrate the benefits that the venue will receive from your book signing, then be sure to mention these as well.Offer Your Own Books
Unless you’re dealing with a bookstore, the venue probably will not have copies of your book. Make sure that it’s clear you will supply the books for them. While most places may assume that you will do this, you can make it sound like an added negotiation point by assuring them that you provide all of the copies. Emphasize the fact that the business will not suffer any losses. Do not, under any circumstance, charge the venue for your unsold books.Assist with the Promotions
Make sure that you assist with all the promotions. Contact newspapers and news networks as well as magazines that cater to your target audience in the area. You won’t get acceptances from all of them, but you will get some positive responses, hopefully. The key is to build up as much momentum as you can. Maximize your contacts on your social media platforms, and coordinate with the venue for promotions. Most venues do not have a large budget for this kind of advertising, and so expect getting the word out to fall squarely on your shoulders.Setting up a book signing is as simple as finding a venue that is going to allow you to host a signing. You don’t have to be a best-selling novelist. To find a venue, research your possible venues and then try to talk to the owners in person. Make sure that you offer your own books so that they don’t have to suffer any losses. Then take the time to assist in the promotions and marketing so you can get the best turnout you can.

Review of the Imperial Cruise by James Bradley

This is my third reading of a Bradley novel. I can’t say that I enjoyed it like the first two. His characterization of President Teddy Roosevelt and Teddy’s views, I found disturbing. It may be historical but it seemed very opinionated on the part of the author.We American’s may be guilty of always thinking our solution to a World problem is the correct one. We do tend to step in too quickly as was in the case of Iraq, Viet Nam and probably in Afghanistan. We always believe that we are helping a situation. This is the same reason we go to the aid of so many people in disasters around the globe. We feed the hungry and care for the sick. We make mistakes like humans do. We don’t always understand other viewpoints. Mostly, our policies are good ones.Teddy believed his diplomatic mission to the far-east was being helpful. His narrow views may have been normal for the time period yet we expect a higher standard from our leaders. The story of the SS Manchuria and it’s delegation of political representatives included William Howard Taft and Teddy’s daughter, Alice Roosevelt. Roosevelt had sent this delegation to the Pacific to promote his ideas. It shows us another side of history that we may not have previously considered. Did this peaceful mission really have such a negative bearing on world history? It seemed a stretch to me to blame so many future events on this former President’s policies. This book may change how you view history. I doubt that this novel could ever be made into a movie as the previous two had been.William Howard Taft, Roosevelt’s right-hand man and his successor as president is the delegation’s leader and spokesman. Alice Roosevelt and her romantic association with Congressman Longworth as well as being the American “Princess” onboard add color to the story. Did we really want to colonization the Pacific? Did the Philippines, China, Korea, Japan and Hawaii have a reason to resent our policies? You be the judge. I’m not so sure what the reason was. Bradley did his homework perhaps but missed something and tries to change our opinion. The theories of Aryan supremacy and Alice’s relationship with her father may be incorrect. Were the Japanese, the “honorary Aryans” of the East? Did we really think of them as such? Did they think of themselves in this way? Finally, was the attack on Pearl Harbor caused by TR? I don’t blame him for that piece of history. I like to think of Teddy Roosevelt as one of our great Presidents and worthy of his place on Mount Rushmore.